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It's all in the details - Make your wedding stationery unique

Making your wedding invitations truly yours doesn’t stop at the choice of colour palette and wording. Designing your stationery means coming up with a complete vision of what your guests will receive and hold in their hands. I’ve talked in a previous blog post about the different printing methods you can choose to bring your vision to life. But you can customise further by adding finishing touches which will help in creating a wedding suite that is completely you. Whether your preference is for a minimalistic design or for one with bells and whistles, let’s have a look at how you can turn your invitation into a treasured keepsake.

It’s a wrap!

Once your suite comes back from the printer and has been quality checked by me, it can be simply slipped in an envelope and sent out. Or you can elevate it by having it assembled beautifully. There are a few options available:

  • Silk ribbon – this is the ultimate detail to give a romantic feel to your stationery. I just love how the ribbon runs between the fingers as you undo the knot and discover all the different pieces of the invitation. There is a wide range of colours available so you can choose a shade that complements your colour palette. You can also use some more ribbon for your on-the-day stationery details such as your place cards for example.

  • Baker’s twine – this is another pretty -yet fun- way of wrapping your set. Twine and thread come in many colours, from black and neutral to metallic and neon hues. The overall feel will be more minimalist and modern than with silk ribbon.

  • Belly band – this is a very versatile way of keeping your invitations neatly assembled. Versatile because not only you get to choose the colour to match or compliment the inserts, but also the type of paper (thin card stock or vellum) and whether you want it plain or printed, for example with a monogram of your initials and/or an illustration.

Whichever option you choose, the assembly of each suite will be carefully done by hand in my studio. Your wedding stationery will look its absolute best, just like you imagined it throughout the design stage.

Vellum wrap with calligraphy monogram. Wedding stationery suite.

Wax seal love

Wax seals have made a comeback in the last 10 years. Everyone -in the stationery world at least- is obsessed with them and understandably so! They come in many designs, from dainty florals to geometrical shapes. You can even get a bespoke design and keep the stamp as a keepsake or for future use. Also, long gone are the days where the only wax available was the traditional red one. There are wax colours aplenty, from metallics to pastels, and you can choose a tone that compliments your suite.

Wax seals can be used in various ways, the obvious one being to seal your main envelope. But you can also use it to secure the ribbon (or twine) around your invite or to adorn your menus and place cards on your big day.

Next level envelopes

Envelopes are an integral part of your wedding stationery and can be stand out pieces in their own right. As I covered in a previous post, calligraphy is one way of creating a striking first impression for your guests. You can choose your colour of ink, a script style that works well with your design and add it at the front as well as the back of your main and return envelopes.

Envelopes can also tie in with the rest of your suite by displaying some illustration/pattern that is found on other pieces. The printing method is up to you (flat printed or foiled) and is always outsourced to trusted suppliers.

And to add another wow factor, you can opt for a liner which, upon opening the envelope, would reveal an illustration or a monogram for example. If this is a finishing detail you wish to go for, the liner will be designed at the same time as the rest of your suite so that everything comes together beautifully.

Feel the texture

A simple way of adding a little je ne sais quoi to your invitation is to play around with paper texture. Torn-edges, where each card is individually torn by hand, will bring depth and soft feathery edges to your suite. You can also add another dimension to your paper goods by opting for a vellum cover or a vellum sleeve. Vellum feels very smooth to the touch and will give a different sensory experience to your guests.


All these beautiful details will have you inspired, no doubt! The above is in no way an exhaustive list (I didn’t mention the use of paper clips or tassels for example) and the possibilities are endless when it comes to taking your wedding stationery up a notch. So whatever you have in mind, let’s have a chat and create your one-of-a kind invitations.


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