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Smitten with Ink (referred to as SWI below) does not treat your privacy lightly and provides transparent and accessible information about the personal data it is processing. In order to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Smitten with Ink has a clear and comprehensive Privacy Policy which lays out the data we collect, the purposes of collecting it, how it is used, whether it is shared to third parties, how it is protected, how long it is stored for and your rights as a user and how you can opt out.

~ What data is collected & why ~

The data that Smitten with Ink holds includes name, email address, telephone, billing and postal address, as well as wedding details (date, guest lists & addresses). SWI may also collect information relevant to a transaction.

The data is collected via:

- email

- Subscribing to the newsletter (name & email address only)

- using the contact form on this website

- filling out the Wedding Questionnaire

The information collected is required in order to complete and deliver your order or, in the case of subscribing to the newsletter, to receive the opted in service.

~ How is the data used & shared ~

The only time SWI has to share some of your personal data is for printing purposes (only the data relevant to printing your paper goods is shared, nothing more). SWI has ensured that its partners’ Privacy Policies comply to the GDPR.


When your order is complete, SWI will keep samples of your stationery on file for portfolio and marketing purposes. That includes sharing pictures on social media or on the website or using them as part of sample packs for prospective clients. For online sharing, sensitive information such as addresses is always hidden and details of the event are never shown in full prior to the wedding date. You have the right to state that you do not wish for your stationery to be used for publicity purposes.

Smitten with Ink doesn’t sell, distribute (unless in the case stated above, to printers) nor lease your personal information to third parties.

~ How is your data protected ~

All client data and files are kept in a secure environment. The data is protected by password and only accessible by SWI’s owner.

SWI uses Wave for accounting purposes and again it is password protected.

~ How long is the data gathered kept ~

Your data is stored until 90 days after your wedding date. It is then archived and eventually deleted within a year of completing your project.

~ Your rights as a user ~

You have the right to be informed which means Smitten with Ink must inform you how it is going to use your personal data. SWI does this through this privacy policy.

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you have the right to access the personal information SWI holds about you. To request access, please email

You have the right to rectification if you think the data SWI holds is incorrect. Again, just email and the information will be corrected.

The right to erasure gives you the right to request that your data be deleted. For newsletter, just hit the unsubscribe button. For wedding stationery orders, your data is erased as described above unless you want it done sooner.

The right to restrict processing gives you the right to change your communications preferences.

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