Hello there!

I’m Hélène, the one woman band behind Smitten with Ink.

Creating unique wedding stationery that celebrates your love story is both a privilege and my happy place.

I started my small but mighty stationery design business out of a love for calligraphy and illustration.

I won't tell you it all started from a young age because in truth it didn't! Prior to this venture, I have had a couple of careers in International law then accountancy (yes, we are very far from fine art!). The shift to a creative life happened when I was on maternity leave and I needed some time to myself. I found calligraphy as a creative outlet, fell in love with it and further explored my artistic streak with floral illustrations.

Based in Wimbledon, Smitten with Ink is a small scale operation (i.e. me!) with most things handmade. It’s all about the little details and I bring a lot of love into my work, making sure each piece receives the level of care and attention it deserves.

I also work with printing companies who bring that same level of quality in the service they provide.

Thank you for being here, for trusting me with your vision & for supporting a small business.


What's my design style?

You might have guessed it from having a little browse around here, I get mostly inspired by nature. It feeds my creativity, with each season bringing new colour palettes & endless species of flora. Although I naturally keep my designs quite minimalistic and timeless, I’m always up for exploring further and experimenting with new things in order to achieve the design as envisioned by my couples.

If you want to know more about where I get my inspiration from, have a look at my Pinterest You might get inspired yourself!